Effective Migraine and Headache Pain Relief

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Chronic headaches are debilitating. They rob you of your quality of life and you spend much of your time lying down to try to “sleep them off.”

Here at Lukas Upper Cervical Health Center, Acworth, GA we find the underlying causes of headaches and create tailor made programs to provide relief.

Statistics show that headaches are the number one reason why people call in sick to work. Some days headache sufferers have to push through a work or school day barely functioning, if at all. If you are a chronic headache sufferer there is a little known healthcare procedure that is available right in your neighborhood.

An alternative does exist – an alternative type of care that has proven effective for many chronic headache sufferers, and you owe it to yourself to be informed. Upper Cervical care uses a highly advanced spinal correction procedure that repositions the weight of your head over the center of your neck to remove nerve compression and restore balance to your body. This procedure applies a very precise and controlled correction to the first vertebra of the spine, called the Atlas. The effects of this single adjustment influences the entire spine and nervous system and allows the head, neck, spine and pelvis to return to their proper positions, restoring balance to your body.

Upper Cervical care has been shown to be effective in relieving the cause of chronic headache pain, pain that interferes with your ability to cope with the activities of everyday living and robs you of the joy associated with living an active, carefree life.

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Using several different diagnostic tools, the Upper Cervical procedure is able to detect, with pinpoint accuracy, the exact location and severity of your spinal misalignment. Then, through a series of corrective adjustments, Upper Cervical care restores proper spinal alignment and takes the pressure off pinched nerves, returning them to a normal state of health. The use of very precise diagnostic tools allows an Upper Cervical trained specialist to confirm that the proper correction has been made.

As a unique and gentle approach to spinal care, Upper Cervical care has shown impressive results in research studies on many different conditions that affect the body.

“Before I came to see Dr. Lukas my head felt like it was being hit by a hammer. I was in sixth grade and had already missed ten full days of school, and had to leave early fifteen times with headaches. With the first time to Dr. Lukas I already felt better. Now, I rarely get a headache and don’t have to miss school anymore. I get checked by Dr. Lukas one time a month now, but if I feel a headache coming on I go in to see him. Thanks Dr. Lukas.” -D.H.