Plenty of type 2 diabetics have chosen to follow a low-carb diet to help manage their blood sugar. This can be a great approach, but time and again, I see diabetics making a critical mistake.

The tendency for many people trying to cut carbs out is to increase animal products that are high in protein and fat but naturally low in carbs.

While animal products like eggs, grass-fed and wild meat, wild fish, and pastured poultry can provide essential micronutrients like B vitamins, these foods are also missing one vital food component: fiber.

The Biggest Mistake Type 2 Diabetics Make When Eating a Low-Carb Diet

1. The Low- Carb Conundrum

Fiber is the indigestible part of plants found in grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. However, a low-carb or paleo diet restricts grains and legumes. Instead of replacing those foods with meat and animal products, they need to be replaced by other vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruit.

I recommend that my patients follow an 80/20 diet where 80% of their intake is plant-based and the other 20% is animal products.

Otherwise, type 2 diabetics run the risk of substandard fiber intake. In fact, low-fiber intake is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

2. Fantastic Fiber

The Biggest Mistake Type 2 Diabetics Make When Eating a Low-Carb Diet

Fiber supports overall digestion and regulates healthy bowel movements. Fiber slows digestion, so your body gets more time to process carbohydrates and maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Better yet, it helps you feel fuller longer. Fiber also feeds healthy microbes in the gut that support immune function and appetite regulation while lowering inflammation and generating critical neurotransmitters. Fiber plays a big role in removing toxins and waste from the body, which means better health and longevity. Diabetics can’t afford to forgo fiber. Boost your fiber intake with these ten fiber-rich foods, and your body will thank you.

  1. Dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, and chard
  2. Cabbage and brussels sprouts
  3. Beets
  4. Sweet potatoes or yams
  5. Broccoli
  6. Berries
  7. Coconut
  8. Nuts & seeds
  9. Fermented foods like sauerkraut
  10. Apples and pears

For many type 2 diabetics, eating a plant-based and low-carb diet is an effective way to improve blood sugar, lose weight, and reduce the health risks associated with type 2 diabetes. However, every body is unique. That’s why I always recommend building a tailored treatment plan by utilizing our comprehensive and cutting-edge diagnostic testing to identify personal risk factors and food sensitivities. Armed with these tools, we can build a foundation for recovery and turn your health around together.

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