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Meet Stephanie, Stephanie is now off her medications for hypothyroidism, & hashimotos. Does your Doctor find the root cause that might be causing your chronic fatigue, pain, brain fog, poor digestion, and more? Talk with one of our functional health practitioners about how to find your specific imbalances and your treatment.


Meet William, Type 2 Diabetic blood sugars under contol and off Insulin after only a few short months!


Meet Lorraine, Can you relate to how she felt? Well, you don’t have to anymore!

Functional Nutrition Acworth GA Success Story - Natalie M

"This is life changing for so many people.I am 78 years old and on no prescription meds and vibrant and energetic. Dr. Anderson, D.C. is very knowledgeable and explains things to you and takes time with you."

- Natalie M.

Functional Nutrition Acworth GA Success Story - Deborah N

"The nutrition program with Dr. Anderson, D.C. is incredible. The lab work is comprehensive and really gives so much more health information than typical lab work. The prescribed eating is different but doable and very healthy. In just 6 weeks, I’ve reduced one of my medications and my BP is great! My health is improving and I’ve lost 8+ pounds. It’s really exciting to finally be on a path to true health."

- Deborah N.

Functional Nutrition Acworth GA Success Story - Kathy L

"100 lbs down in 8 months when nothing else worked but mostly so much healthier! Dr. Anderson, D.C. delivered great results! The entire staff is fantastic! My life is changed forever!!"

- Kathy L.

Functional Nutrition Acworth GA Success Story - Todd M

"This practice is great. They truly can end diabetes through proper nutrition and supplementation. I am living proof. I had an A1C of nearly 13 when I was put on Metformin. Then I was on a maximum dosage of Metformin and my Endocrinologist put me on Glipized, When that stopped working, added insulin. When that did not work they increased the insulin and wanted to attach a pump to me because my post meal glucose would be around 300.

These folks reversed that disease in 3 months and 1 week. I am off all diabetes medications and have a normal glucose and A1C. I highly recommend them."

- Todd M.

Functional Nutrition Acworth GA Success Story - Vivian L

"I have been coming here to this center since October 2018 and look forward to attaining very helpful and much needed instructions and advice on overcoming diabetes. I am now on 1 insulin where I was on 2 different types of insulin. Everyone is friendly and offer excellent customer service. To all diabetics please come and inquire and maybe you to can become free of Diabetes."

- Vivian L.

Functional Nutrition Acworth GA Success Story - Carol D

"The staff are outstanding, so friendly, courteous and focused on your success to combat any health issues you are combating. Dr. Anderson, D.C. is your advisor, coach, and a powerhouse of knowledge. A must see for autoimmune, thyroid, diabetes or digestive issues."

- Carol D.

Functional Nutrition Acworth GA Success Story - Gerald T

"What an awesome experience……just under 2 months under Dr Anderson’s, D.C. care…..lost 7 pounds, sugars are staying in normal range, number medicines have been reduced, and I feel better all around!"

- Gerald T.

Functional Nutrition Acworth GA Success Story - Iris C

"I just started my program with Dr. Anderson, D.C. He has told me more about my health after results than any other doctor or specialist that I have seen since Jan 2019. His staff is wonderful (Melissa, Tori) the ones I’ve dealt with so far have certainly made me feel like I belong there. I’m very hopeful to start seeing some amazing results from the many effects of my type 2 diabetes."

- Iris C.

"I was diagnosed with type II diabetes 11 years ago and have been struggling to keep my sugar levels in check. I have been coming to Georgia Integrated Health Center for just over a month and I am very pleased with the results. My blood sugar numbers are down, I have lost some weight and I’m feeling great! The staff is wonderful and very knowledgeable."

- Linda W.


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